Remembering Mike Bryant

Our SCI chapter suffered a great loss this spring with the passing of Mike Bryant, 1948-2019

Mike might not have been born on a mountain top in Tennessee but he would have grinned at the notion. Mike was born on September 23, 1948. He was well traveled from a young age as his father’s occupation moved their family across the country and around the world. Mike’s activities brought him in contact with all types of folks who would relate to him about history, agriculture, oil, wildlife and the blessings bestowed upon all of us. He definitely “coerced” many into muzzle loaders and other delights.

If designated as his friend, it was the finest award one could receive in life. All of us knew him in different contexts but we got to know him for his love of history, geology and his good natured attitude. We will remember him for those engrossing eyes wanting to discuss any and all subjects.

Muzzle loading firearms appeared to be Mike’s first passion beyond his family, but there were many interests. He had a tremendous appetite for the fur trade history, the grizzly bear, his rules of hunting, and Africa. He was fascinated by his state of Texas, Davy Crockett and, of course, the Alamo. He was always exploring while singing along with Sheryl Crow. When Mike Bryant entered our lives it was kind of like trying to roller skate in a buffalo herd, for he was just immense.

There is a attributed quote to Davy Crockett: “Be always sure you are right, then go ahead.”

But it was another man, unknown, remembering Crockett a month after the Alamo, who spoke for each of them, and for their generation. “The bear, the wild cat, and the alligator, no longer tremble at the sound of his Carabine,” said the eulogist. “He has gone ahead.”