2018 Live Auction Items

Items and order may change prior to or during the event. 

Please review the Live Auction Catalog the night of the event for the final list of all donations in the Live Auction.

  1. Knives by Simon – These custom handmade reindeer antler knives are thing of beauty.  Using carbon steel from old sawmill blades means an edge will hold forever.
  2. 3 Cross Ranch – Board members Dr. Richard Lewallen and Tex Janecek will be taking you and 1 child (12-18) to hunt 8 pheasants for the day.  No dog?  Don’t worry, they’ll bring a couple sniffers to rouse up those birds for you!
  3. Vortex Optics – Incredible clarity and reliability the Razor HD 33×50 spotter is a must have.
  4. Lance Johnson – Local artist and Montana native Lance Johnson always surprises us with a one of a kind piece of artwork painted specifically for our banquet.  This year’s title is “Silver Water” and it is purely a Montana original
  5. Superior Archery – This year’s donation from Superior Archery is the new Triax.  The Triax bow is the quietest, most vibration-free and deadly accurate bow Mathew’s have ever built.  Comes decked out with a Gold Rush sight and the always reliable Ripcord rest.  Good luck being the winning bidder on this beauty
  6. Sitka Gear – Blizzard Bibs and Optifade…just sounds like hunting to us!  Be the winning bidder on this package and get any size needed with free size exchange
  7. Montana Outfitting Co. – 3 day antelope hunt for 2 hunters in the Bear Paw Mountains.  Did we say mountains?  Yep, this unique 45,000 acre hunting grounds is the home to speed goats galore, elk, big horn sheep, whitetail, muledeer and just about everything else Montana has to offer
  8. Kimber – K6s Delux Carry .357 revolver brings concealed power to another level!
  9. Nightforce Optics – The clarity and durability of the Nightforce SHV 3-10×42 will round out any hunting rifle in your arsenal.
  10. Big Water Safaris – 6 day South African hunt for 2 hunters.  Includes 8 cull animals and 4 trophies to split.  On a side note, Big Water has some of the largest trophies we’ve EVER seen.  Incredible hospitality, land and trophies.  What more do you nee
  11. International Adventures – This Scotland RED STAG hunt is a unique experience to say the least!  This 7 day (3 days of hunting) hunt will take place on the Inshewan Estate in Pethshire Scotland.  All the while staying at a Luxurious 18th Century Duke’s Estate.  Need we say more
  12. Tenaka River Guide Service – 10 day moose hunt in British Colombia.  Todd Bunnage has spent nearly a decade donating this very hunt to the Alaska Chapter.  If they’re buying a moose hunt from Todd…shouldn’t you?  Huge moose with the chance at elk, bear and wolf at the same time.  Yes, we’ve seen pictures of Todd’s trophies and they are spectacular
  13. Waterfall Resort Alaska – Serene, beautiful, amazing.  Take your pick of ways to describe Waterfall Lodge.  This 3 day fishing trip to South East Alaska is incredible and a destination unlike any you’ve ever traveled to
  14. Leopard’s Valley Safaris – 10 day hunt for 2 hunters with a couple of critters included.  Leopard’s Valley Safaris has been a part of the MT Chapter’s banquets for years and we consider them part of our family.  You will too once you experience the beauty of their valley (thus Leopard’s Valley), their wonderful hospitality and the abundance of FREE RANGE trophies you get to stalk
  15. Rigby – Launched to the sound of bag pipes, this .275 Highland Stalker’s striking slim lines and rounded grip shape gives it a very traditional feel plus its lightweight frame makes it ideal for the hill. Rigby has redefined tradition and having it in your collection will have you hearing bag pipes every time you open your gun safe
  16. International Adventures – Travel to Scotland to take two Roe Deer trophies.  We have made this a must have at our banquet simply because of exceptional reports back about the pure awesomeness of this trip!  Beauty, adventure, royalty (and we’re not talking about you).  This trip is truly a once in a lifetime experience.
  17. Ab Steyn Safaris – 10 day South African monster croc hunt for 1 hunter.  Ready for an adventure
  18. YETI Surprise – This has become one of our most popular Live Auction items which may include handguns, rifles or gear OR all three.  You just never know what you’ll be bidding on
  19. Christensen Arms – The Ridgeline .300 RUM is guaranteed to be sub MOA out of the crate! Coming with the signature, Christensen Arms, carbon fiber-wrapped barrel, a spiral-fluted bolt, scalloped bolt knob, and a carbon fiber composite stock makes it one of the most sought after guns out there.  Nothing more to say about this long range powerhouse.
  20. Deerbrooke Safaris – Free range Tahr or Red Stag on your list?  Well look no more! John & Gina McInnes will take you out for an incredible chance at either a Bull Tahr or a Red Stag on the South Island of New Zealand.  Did we say free range, yep!
  21. Southern Cross Safaris – This South African safari is a 10 day LONG RANGE HUNT for 2-4 hunters and includes 7 cull animals each.  WOW!  Chris Cawood is versed in long range hunting and has an incredible piece of ground to do just that.  With elevation changes of up to 6000 feet, you’re angles of shooting, wind change and sheer excitement of picking out your trophy from 1300 yards, (or as far as you can shoot, seriously), will get your blood pumping
  22. 406 Precision – The boys at 406 have donated a 2 day long range class for one lucky bidder.  This class will have you shooting 1000 yards +…and that’s said with confidenc
  23. Leica – Need to know how far something is with incredible accuracy and angle trajectory?  Leica’s 10 x 42 Geovid HD-B 3000 are your go to and you will be making those long range shots more confidently
  24. Milk River Outfitters – Want to shoot a monster trophy Whitetail?  Eric Albus has them and his private Montana Milk River ranches will be the place you’ll get to hunt them.  Hunt with a true Montanan Outfitter and get the chance at a real trophy Montana Whitetail
  25. “The Challenge” – Elk bronze from world renowned artist Lorenzo Ghiglieri.  Over 3′ of two battling bull elk that is incredible to see!
  26. Sig Sauer – One of the most tested and proven weapons systems in the world! With its Nitride treated, military grade barrel and the piston-driven SIG516 incorporates all of the most desirable mechanical improvements. Add to these a free-floating forend and FDE Cerakote finish, and you have the most advanced, versatile AR-based rifle available
  27. Private Ranch Coyote Hunt – Come hunt on 60,000+ acres of private ground after the wiley coyote!  If that isn’t cool enough, you’ll also be joined by Matt Pippo from Predator Quest as your professional caller and coyote expert.  This 2 day hunt will take place during the summer months and promises to be a blast!
  28. Trijicon – Trijicon’s AccuPoint 1-6×24 rifle scope is designed to stand up to the elements and the illuminated reticle aids in quick target engagement. Perfect for that large bore hunting rifle you’re taking on your next trip to Africa
  29. Southern Cross – Chris Cawood sat down with us and asked us what we need to round out our banquet.  We said a Cape Buffalo hunt.  Done!  You’ll have the chance to hunt big cape buffalo on this 10 day safari which is ALL INCLUSIVE!  Just pay for roundtrip airfare to OR Tambo Airport in South Africa and the rest is covered (except taxidermy and gratuities).  15,000 acres of sparse woods and mountainous landscape will make this a challenging hunt for the adventurous hunter
  30. SMC Spain Hunting Ibex – It has been a few years since we have offered a Spanish hunt.  But we finally have the pleasure of knowing Salva Monforte of SMC Spain Hunting Ibex.  Several close friends of the chapter have hunted with Salva and have given rave reviews on everything from the quality of trophies to the nightly hospitality.  Up to two hunters get to share 2 Ibex (up to 69 and one up to 49) while on this 6 day hunt.  When are you going to Spain?
  31. Fort Peck Guide Service – 2 lucky fisherman will get to fish with one of Fort Peck’s best, local fishing legend Matt Sunderman.
  32. McKinnon & Co – All we have to say is HUGE black bears are what McKinnon & Co. are known for.  Chris & Sharon have almost become family since they’ve been donating for a decade to our chapter.  We won’t change a thing since we’re getting reports back on massive black bear trophies being taken by our lucky auction winners!
  33. Montana Tactical – If you don’t own a suppressor, now’s the time to change that.  Aaron Hagen is donating a Thunder Beast Arms Corporation suppressor to fit the calibre of your choice.  You’ll never go without one again.
  34. Vortex Optics – The Vortex Razor HD LH 3-15X42 riflescope  is one of the hottest scopes on the market today.  Don’t miss out on this one
  35. Kimber – The Gold Combat Stainless II .45 ACP is part of Kimber’s Custom Shop collection.  Reliable and great for personal defense.
  36. Pheasant City Lodge – Take a trip to South Dakota and hunt the pheasant capital of the United States and you and one other hunter will get 2 days and 2 nights of pure excitement and hospitality.
  37. THE Table – Enjoy personal service, a 5 Star meal and the best seats in the house when you sit at THE Table during the 2019 Banquet & Live Auction.
  38. Razor Hunts Oz – G’day mate!  Professional Hunter, Lance Nelis is calling your name to come and go on a 7 day cull hunt down under.  Cull up to 100 animals a day by way of Polaris, rugged boots through the brush or by spotlight at night.  Lance promises you won’t have finger prints left on your trigger finger!
  39. Nightforce – Exceptional quality and precision at extended ranges; the Nightforce SHV™ 5-20×56. The SHV series of riflescopes delivers legendary precision and reliability and will look good on any gun you own.
  40. John Banovich – Beautifully framed and painted by world renowned artist, John Banovich, the  “Bull of the Woods” is a stunning visual piece.  Hand picked just for our banquet and with you in mind.
  41. Private Duck Hunt – Local expert and retired doctor, Dr. Richard Lewallen will take you and your child (12-18) on a 1 day duck hunt on the beautiful Bluewater Creek.
  42. Gold Sponsor Package – Be the winning bidder and get yourself a King Suite at the Double Tree (how convenient for next year’s banquet, right!) , breakfast at Stella’s Kitchen & Bakery and get registered as a GOLD SPONSOR for next year’s banquet.
  43. Montague Jewelers – Chris Montague has been a supporter of our Chapter for years and always donates a stunning piece for us.  This year’s piece is sure to dazzle.

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